Bank Account & PSP

Bank Account Opening

Forex brokerage involves lots of capital and transaction requirements, so it's very important to have the company bank account through which your client and your business related transaction can take place.

But in the current environment, opening a company bank account so that clients can deposit or withdraw money is very challenging. Most banks around the globe always refuse the Forex brokers while they go for opening an account. They accepted such a policy because Forex trading is very risky and involves its not that much worth it.

As the Forex businesses are complicated, risky and often involve large amounts of payments even before they actually start making money. So, We offer Forex bank accounts opening service with high amount processing capacity. This will help you to grow your business as such bank accounts are necessary in Forex brokerage.


PSP(Payment Service Providers)

We also provide the payment service solution as per your business requirements. As every online Forex company must have a payment gateway for performing the currency exchange transactions from their websites.

By using our PSP service you will get FX Credit Card Payment Processing Systems which will content with merchant banks. Also you can accept the money wire from your traders or clients.

After acquiring PSP you can receive online payment by using direct bank transfer, credit cards, etc. with some PSPs you will get more payment methods to make your process more easy and convenient.


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