Company Formation in Latvia



Latvia is part of the EU, Latvian businesses are able to trade VAT-free with EU and non-EU companies.

The process of forming a company in Latvia is simple because our lawyers will prepare all of the necessary documentation. In Latvia, we provide a wide range of corporate services to meet your requirements. We may be able to provide you with ready-to-use solutions as well as all necessary support services.

The Latvian financial center offers a tax environment that is particularly favourable to companies that deal in trading and holding businesses. Nonresident companies can incorporate in Latvia with no restrictions on foreign ownership or company types.

In Latvia, there are numerous legal forms for conducting business. Typically, entrepreneurs register the following sorts of businesses:

  • The limited liability company (LLC/SIA)
  • The joint-stock company (JCS/AS)

The following are some of the key benefits of registering a company in Latvia for the founders:

  • The income tax rate is 15 percent, which is the lowest in Europe.
  • The founder is eligible for a multiple-entry visa, which allows him to travel freely inside the Schengen Agreement`s borders.
  • Preferential status: If the founder receives dividends from abroad, that income is not taxable. When dividends are paid to a non-resident corporation and its source is exempt from tax credit.
  • Foreigners can obtain a residence permit in that country if some conditions are met. The list of requirements will be determined with the advisors of the ForexLicense team and peers.
  • When forming a company in Latvia, obtaining a certificate of tax residency is simple, allowing you to pay contributions to the public budget at the same rates as Latvian nationals.


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