Company Formation in Estonia



Estonia is a digitally advanced country that provides cutting-edge opportunities and good business circumstances. As a result, Estonia is ranked third in Europe for the creation of new businesses.

Estonia is one of the few European Union member states that has developed a system in which firms only pay taxes on the profits they distribute. If your home country's laws do not interfere, you will be exempt from paying taxes on any earnings you make in Estonia as long as they remain in Estonia. Law and Trust International can assist you with business registration in Estonia.

Requirements For Company Registration In Estonia:

  • The first step in the user registration is to complete an application and obtain a digital ID.
  • Estonian legal address and contact information.
  • The company's registration. This include deciding on a business name and a primary field of operation for the company.
  • Bank requirements to assist with financial solutions, a bank account should be opened.

Advantages of Opening a Company in Estonia:

  • Non-Estonian founders and board members are permitted.
  • 0% income tax for corporations (retained earnings tax).
  • There are no remuneration requirements or obligations for the company director.
  • When forming a corporation, there is no need to invest the required capital.
  • If the owner has an e-Resident card, the firm can be managed completely remotely.

In Estonia, There are Several Types of Business:

  • Private limited company (OÜ)
  • Public limited company (AS)
  • Partnership companies in Estonia (TU and UU)
  • Sole Proprietorship (FIE)


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