Company registration in Lithuania



Lithuania is the largest of the Baltic states and considers itself to be the economic superpower of the area. It has undoubtedly succeeded in generating significant foreign direct investment inflows.

If you have decided to form a company in Lithuania we will be happy to assist you. Our company is focused exclusively on international companies and foreign nationality clients willing to establish a company in Lithuania.

Reasons for forming a corporation in Lithuania include:

  • Lithuania is a member of the European Union and NATO.
  • Lithuania is a part of the Eurozone.
  • Lithuania has achieved agreements with a number of regions to avoid double taxation, it is possible to pay dividends tax-free.
  • Lithuania is a country with relatively inexpensive labor, low cost level and no trade controls.
  • Lithuania ranks among the world's freest economies in terms of how easy it is to start a business.

Lithuania Company Registration Requirements:

  • One Director is associated with the formation. Two directors are required if a corporation has more than one shareholder.
  • You should include the company's name, directors, officers, and stockholders, the amount of shares, the currency in which they will be issued, and the amount of Authorized Capital.
  • When forming a corporation, you should use an approved local agent and have a local registered office.
  • You should submit a completed and signed company formation form.


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