Company Formation - Seychelles


Seychelles is a group of 115 islands situated in the Indian Ocean. Seychelles is also one of the parts of British Commonwealth.

In 1994, Seychelles started providing attractive offshore company formation packages to entrepreneurs with the International Business Companies Act. Seychelles is very confidential, has a great privacy policy and tax-free jurisdiction. Seychelles offers the best along with allows flexible company structures, due to this reason the businesses are rapidly growing into the Seychelles.


Seychelles is the ideal choice for establishing the International Business Company. Seychelles provides a wide range of offshore services, with affordable fees, strong privacy laws as well as tax-free opportunities.

Benefits of offshore company registration in Seychelles:

  • Registration process takes just the 24 hours
  • No requirement of any paid-up capital
  • Tax free opportunities
  • International Trade Zone
  • Avoidance of double taxation agreement with 13 countries such as China, Republic of South Africa, etc.
  • No need to fill account requirements
  • Private individuals & legal entities can become directors & shareholders of company
  • There is no currency control
  • Minimum government fees
  • Only one shareholder or director is required while registration
  • Propitious time zone is GMT +4
  • Director’s or shareholder’s names are secured without displaying to anyone

Company Registration Requirements in Seychelles:

  • You have to use an approved local agent while company formation also a local registered office is needed.
  • Important information you need to provide are Name of the company, valid passport copies or national ID cards(issued in the European Union). All this information must be certified by Banks, Notary Public or issuing flag’s Embassy. Plus Character reference also needed.


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