Company Formation - Vanuatu



Vanuatu is located in the southwestern Pacific. It is also known as Untouched Paradise. Primary reason why this country is preferred by most of the investors is the conditions for its tax residents

Vanuatu became a tax haven a few years ago, because of efforts taken by the country's government. This “tax have” tag as well as development into the economy, most of the business representatives are coming to Vanuatu for registering an offshore company.

The currency used in the Vanuatu is “Vatu” and it has an international designation VT.

Mostly, offshore companies registered in Vanuatu are “International company” type. And some of the the best feature and reasons that are responsible for growth in popularity of such organisations in Vanuatu:

  • No requirement of "authorised capital".
  • Company's legal address and tax agent must be registered, as per the current legislation of the country.
  • Within a day, you can register your company in Vanuatu that will be an “international organisation”.
  • Freedom to choose the company name in any official foreign language. The owner must provide the English translated company name with a certificate.
  • It’s important to obtain a license, if financial words such as bank, fund management, finance, insurance, trust, trustees, investment fund, assurance, reinsurance, building society are mentioned in the registered organisation.
  • Your registered company can issue shares that are “without par value”, “with par value”, “preferred shares” and “bearer shares”.
  • Company can perform its activities with just one director & one shareholder.
  • Access to data on the founders of the organisation and its other representatives is closed to third parties.
  • No need for annual reporting & meetings.
  • As an international company, you cannot own any property in Vanuatu or even perform trade operations, but manage your own bank account.
  • Under 20 years of company registration, your company is free from any stamp duty, tax deductions as well as external control over money transactions.
  • As an international organisation, you have to pay just a fixed government fee i.e. $300.

If you establish your company Vanuatu then your company will be free from following payments:

  • Corporation & Income Tax
  • Inheritance Tax & Capital Exports Tax
  • Tax from Exchange Transactions Profits & Tax from Turnover.

Choose us for establishing the company in Vanuatu and we will help you to complete the company registration as early as possible also at an affordable price.


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