Company Formation - St. Vincent

St. Vincent


St. Vincent is an independent state in the Caribbean. It is a part of the Lesser Antilles. It is situated in a 389 square kilometres area. The currency used in this state is “East Caribbean dollar”.

The country became the tax-free jurisdiction in the world because Saint Vincent & the Grenadines adopted the package of 6 legislative acts in 1996. Because of the tax-free jurisdiction, it's attracting the most of the entrepreneurs around the world. Checkout some of the primary benefits of this jurisdiction:

  • You can organise the FOREX broker without any license
  • Also establish the authorised trust management without any license
  • No taxation
  • No need to provide the annual reports.
  • Share capital requirement is zero
  • Bearer shares are allowed in this St. Vincent
  • Strong asset as well as privacy protection available
  • Fast Incorporation

St. Vincent Company Registration Requirements:

  • For the formation one Director is required. If a company has more than one shareholder then two directors are necessary.
  • You can merge with subsidiaries & also combine with any foreign companies.
  • You need to submit the name of the company, director, officers and shareholder(s), number of shares and currency in which it shall be issued and Authorised Capital amount.
  • Information in public records is Certificate of Compliance. You don't have to provide a list of shareholders.
  • Updating the company name can be done via the alteration of the original Articles of Incorporation.


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