Forex License - Belize IFSC

Belize IFSC

Belize offers a very useful & competitive FX industry legislation framework. As per the Belize legislation, if you want to perform or offer financial services then its important to obtain the special license. So it's crucial to gather the whole process before starting the Belize broker license. So acquiring the full knowledge about the regulatory body which issues licenses. Because Belize’s regulatory authority observes the whole process.


With the Belize license you can perform activities like:

  • You can perform trading in FX or Forex
  • Financial commodity trading based upon the derivative instruments & other securities.
  • You can offer the brokerage services in the financial market along with advisory & consultancy services.

The process to obtain the Forex License in Belize:

  • We offer the specialists who will make the list of questions that need to be answered while filling in licensing forms.
  • We will also prepare the complete documents for you and attach with the application.
  • Bank account opening service will be provided.
  • Transferring service of the authorised capital to a bank account will be provided. The complete required capital amount will be deposited to the bank account while preparing the license. Requirements for capital vary as per the license.
  • Government fee payment is USD 5000 for licensing application
  • Document’s proof of payments sent to IFSC.
  • It will take approx 5-8 weeks to obtain a Forex license in Belize.

Requirements of documents are as follows:

  • Certified Copy of passport
  • Address proof with notarized English translation
  • Need to provide bank reference
  • You have to offer professional reference such as a lawyer's office, accounting company or audit company.
  • Prepared and finalised business plan
  • CV for showing the experience or education or professional skills such as Forex, accounting, trading and more.


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