Forex License - Labuan


Performing the activities in the financial sectors needs the special license. Most of the Forex-industry specialists who want to offer the service in financial sectors, can get Forex license & register an offshore company in Labuan. By obtaining this license, clients look at you as a high-level international service provider and trust your services.

The financial service industry was created in 1990 and at the same time the International Offshore Financial Center Labuan also created along with offshore legal framework adoption & LOFSA(Labuan Offshore Financial Services Authority).


In Labuan, international clients are increasing because Labuan offers facilities to generate funds, limited liability partnerships, mutual funds, insurance, special trusts & plans for the financial activities.

It adopted the Law on Taxation of Business Activities in Labuan & complies with the standards of ОECD(Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) for avoidance of double taxation.

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Steps of Obtaining a Forex License:

  • Company Registration (at least one director of any residence).
  • No need for a local registered office / secretary.
  • Form Completion and applying to the Financial Services Commission of Labuan
  • Payment of government fees & licensing fee.
  • After approval of registration you can obtain a license.

To register a company & obtaining Forex licenses approximately takes 3-4 months.

The director must have correct documented experience in the financial market, along with high level educational background and professional reputation.

To establish a company in Labuan, you need to have a local registered office.

The capital requirement is $70000 for registering a company with a Forex license in Labuan.


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