Forex License - Mauritius



Most of the Offshore jurisdictions require an appropriate Forex license for performing any financial market activities. We offer the registration of companies along with a financial license in Mauritius as it is the perfect solution for trading Forex, options, futures & securities.

The license is issued for activities such as:
  • Advisory services on finance as well as investment
  • Management of Asset
  • Forex market transactions as investing activities
In our service package, you will get:
  • Government fee for license and investment company registration to carry out Forex brokerage operations.
  • Registered address in Mauritius
  • Documents preparation
  • Registered Agents
  • Local bank account opening
  • Document delivery to desired address

Steps of Obtaining a Forex License:

  • Company Registration (2 directors, private individual & Secretary must be residents of Mauritius and requires local registered office, accountant)
  • Application with request to issue the Investment Dealer License to Financial Services Commission of Mauritius.
  • Submitting of Articles of Association, Memorandum, evidence of the company’s professional competence and business plans.
  • After regulator’s approval, your company gets registered in Mauritius and obtains a license.

To register a company & obtaining Forex licenses approximately takes 2-3 months depending upon license type.

The director must be highly competent in the financial market, along with a high level educational background and professional reputation. Traders of the company must have certificates with qualities. Also, one person can hold multiple positions at a time. Requires to deliver reports every year and must be audited. Nominee service is not available in Mauritius.

A local registered office is required for establishing a GBC1 resident company.

No minimum capital requirement for the GBC1 registration and amount could be anything for starting excluding Mauritius Rupee.

GBC1 Company is allowed to acquire par value shares (more than 1 currency) as well as no par value shares. Shares that are allowed are registered, preference, redeemable & shares with or without voting rights.


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