Forex License

Forex License


Offshore is the perfect solution to operate business remotely. With Offshore, you can perform tax planning and expand your business boundaries also it is very easy to access. Some Of the countries also ask for the special licenses to run business in their region, such requirements mostly concern financial activities but most probably the financial markets.

You will require Licenses for making below giving financial transactions:

  • Foreign Exchange Trading
  • Performing Currency Exchange
  • Executing trading in options, securities, debt obligations, futures
  • Your assets management as well as protection
  • Money transmission
  • Cash as well as payment services
  • Performing agency work in financial transactions
  • Payment processing
  • Depositary
  • Money brokering

Licensing is very important necessary to provide services in the financial industry. If you don't have a license then each activity will be considered as illegal, according to the local legal regulations.

Getting required licenses needs compliance with conditions under the specific framework of jurisdiction. Also, Compliance with standard regulations will not provide guarantee of license, because the local committee requests some more documents. Some countries only require activity details in the Memorandum as well as Articles of Association, no need of special licensing.

Your licensed registration completely depends on correct documents. It’s also important to meet all requirements for company legalisation, lowest paid capital and reports. These requirements are crucial to obtain a license as well as will not be revoked in future. Also, previously paid government fees are not refundable.

Connect with us to obtain the Forex license, our agents will help you to choose the jurisdiction as per your business requirements so that you can perform competent business & optimise tax payments.

Mauritius Mauritius
Mauritius FSC
Vanuatu Vanuatu
Vanuatu VFSC
Labuan Labuan
Labuan FSA
Seychelles Seychelles
Seychelles FSA
Cyprus Cyprus
Cyprus CySec
Belize Belize
Belize IFSC